Spray Tanning FAQs

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What are the benefits of Mobile Spray Tanning?

Mobile spray tanning allows you to receive a spray tan in the comfort of your home, office, hotel room etc. This saves you not only time and money (travel, gas, parking etc) but allows you to get the best customized spray tan experience possible. Rain, perspiration from a hot day, snow and the elements can easily ruin a spray tan. Getting a mobile spray tan in the comfort of your home will avoid that possibility and ensure you receive the best results from your spray tan.

How long will the whole process take and what can I expect from a mobile service?

I will arrive at your home for your scheduled appointment and take about 5 minutes to set up my spray tan tent and equipment. This can be done in the most open area of your home - living room, kitchen, bedroom, garage - basically anywhere with enough space, natural light and an electrical outlet. The spray tan itself takes about 10-15 minutes. The tent is designed to catch any overspray, there will be no mess in your house! The entire process takes between 20-40 minutes which includes setup/takedown, a consultation, and your spray tan.

What should I wear?

Wear dark, loose fitting clothing after your appointment. Avoid light colored clothing to prevent possible transferring of the solution. In most cases, the solution will come out in the wash since the solution is water based. During your spray tan session, ladies may wear a dark bathing suit, underwear, thong or whatever your feel comfortable wearing (or not wearing). Men should wear underwear, shorts, or bathing suit.

How does a spray tan work? How long does it last?

Dihydroxyacetone (or DHA for short) is the tanning ingredient in all self-tanning formulas. DHA creates a tanned appearance by developing a brown color on the surface of the skin thus creating a tanned appearance. DHA is a colorless 3-carbon sugar that when applied to the skin causes a natural chemical reaction with amino acids in the skin's surface cells producing a darkening effect. DHA does not damage skin as it only affects the outermost cells of the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin. The development of the color can take anywhere from 8-12 hours and the intensity of the color is dependent on the DHA concentration in the product as well as the person's skin type. A spray tan will typically last 7-10 days.

Is sunless tanning safe?

Yes, is it. The FDA approved Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a sugar cane derivative that results in the tan, for safety in 1973. When applied to the skin, DHA penetrates only the top layer of skin and reacts with your skins natural amino acids.

Is sunless tanning safe for pregnant women?

Sunless tanning solutions have not been tested on pregnant women. If you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant consult with a doctor before getting a spray tan.

Will I turn orange?

No. The cosmetic bronzer in the solution is perfectly blended to give you that "just off the beach" look and it features a "what you see is what you get" effect meaning that the bronzer color you see initially matches the resulting DHA spray tan.